An Evening With Dads

by The Dad

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released June 13, 2011



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The Dad Nebraska

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Track Name: Downtown
goin downtown with my heart in a pound
goin downtown with my heart in a pound
goin downtown
goin downtown
goin downtown whoa

cant stop spending my money
the cash i had is gone away
my cash is gone
my thoughts are wrong
the clock strikes twelve and it wont be long
never liked cops and i never will
downtown cops just gimme the chills
my hearts in a pound
but i'll be around
ill be here till they tear this place down
Track Name: Girls Look Fine
i see'em all around
with their hair down
walkin down the street
to the beat

i was born in the usa

girls look fine in the summertime
yeah girls look good all around
girls look fine in the summertime
girls yeah yeah yeah yeah
Track Name: Totally
and nobody's gonna give a shit
and if you run out of nails
you can chew on the sails
of every fuck who's ever had a dream

with nothin to do
noone to talk to

tooth decay

some day babe we're gonna get out of here
some day babe we're gonna get right outta here
Track Name: Michelangelo
I quit my job today
I never felt so free
call me crazy what can i say
aint got no monkey yellin at me
and i got time and i'm feelin fine
the worlds mine and i'm yours
call me crazy what can i say
evil allures and good endures
michaelangelo painted your beautiful face
dante crafted every one of your words
call me crazy baby thats what i heard
i quit my job yesterday i never felt so bored
walk around the store nothing that I can afford
eat sleep shit thats about it
and i got time i'm not fine
worlds done i'm on the run
all the time waitin in line
on the couch TV crime!
Track Name: Sunburn
burn me away
Track Name: Pizza
with an arm around a girl standin in the sun
thankin jesus for the devil and the devil for fun
for the sake of time

i hate waking up on sunday afternoons

for the sake of time!
Track Name: Fill This Bucket
I'll take you on a picnic!
I'll help you do the dishes!
I'll be your little genie!
I'll give you three bluejays!

3 teapots is a lot to give
and i dont PLAY DEAD!
make me something nice...

ass warts
house wars
Track Name: TNT
well it takes no time
when were all the same
i got noone to blame
if you wanna show me the way
take a chance i'm wastin away
you got somethin to hide
you got glimpses of pride
if you wanna know how to go
well you gotta learn how to die

bah bah bah
Track Name: Pleasant Girls
I put in the time
I'm the best guy you'll ever find
Now I'm on my knees
bought you flowers, oh jeez
at lover's lane
in the front seat its a nervous game
i pull out my sword
gimme somethin to play with and i'll
never have to call you no more
i said more
i said no
i said more

pleasant girls, and nervous boys x4
Track Name: Everywhere
Saw you standin by the subway station and I
heard that you were blue
i wanna go everywhere with you

you are sittin at the bus stop
smokin cigarettes and tying your shoe
i wanna go everywhere with you
Track Name: Dandy
our shit doesnt work
its kind of a joke
nothing i got aint broke
i hate when you beg
i got nothing to say
and it aint like that no way
dandy is hardly the way things went last night
its hard to talk to girls when they
the weekends a dud
the partys no fun
when i'm walking on coals all night long
carve me in stone
cast me in clay
then you'll have me all day
dandy is hardly the way things went last night
its hard to talk to girls when they cry
sandy went candy on the lucky eye
i wanna die
i wanna die
Track Name: Girls Never
Well I Never Said I Don't Respect You, Babe, But I Still Gotta Say Girls Never Have Any Good Ideas
Track Name: Wholly Shit
but you dont mean anything!